Fresh Meat ep

by The Bone Lab



Debut ep from The Bone Lab - recorded 21st Feb 2014 @ The Laundry Rooms (Sheffield) by David Hadley, Mixed by Thomas Lebioda, Mastered by Jonas Englke


released May 9, 2014

The Animal-Drums
The Gov.- Bass
MC Blacklung-Vocs/Congas



all rights reserved


The Bone Lab Sheffield, UK

Deep in the Bowels of Sheffield lies The Bone Lab! Debut ep "Freah Meat" release 09/05/14

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Track Name: Manwork (Living The Dream)
rapping on a budget-on the limit
working for a living & it aint no picnic
perspire to acquire good things in life
a house a car a puppy a wife
when i wake i shower coz I’m paid by the hour
toast is the choice its time 2 devour
drag my ass to base camp right now
got phat gas bills but I keep rolling somehow
walk the streets with the shoes on my feets
damn I'm in a rush but I don't take the bus
the citys dirty & I’m pushing thirty so i
run again to work like a true proletarian
I clock on, check out the scene
I stack paper like a cash machine
the jobs dirty but my conscience is clean
so don’t be calling me a cunt coz I’m living the dream
count the minutes as my shifts unfurling
smoke a fat biff later while I’m stacking my sterling
I got my wheels outside yea no doubt
second hand one litre coz you know what I’m about
you know how I'm rolling dude you know me
in the flat I got me a HDTV
from the clarity yes its clear to see
I’m a pawn not a player but im getting mine readily
cash all spent-yet I gotta pay rent
pick up the pen and reap the rhyme I vent
this ones' for my hard working blue collar man yo
some of us is alright go gettit’ while you can so
all these worker bees
show me hands please
yeah i do my bit from 9-5 coz im a
self made funkifiyd rapper to survive
wipe the sweat and feel the pride jump
aboard get dirty n enjoy the ride
life’s a game and there can’t be a winner
just be happy that u gots your dinner
sooo cocksure think you do as you please but when you
meet the devil you’ll be down on your knees
listen to my rhyme and suck up the hurt
get in line sunshine its time for manwork!